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IPlue JPanner 

Rev, T. Flannagan 
St. Michael's College 


AUGUST, 1946 

Five Old Boys Ordained Basilian Order August 15 

>liiiwii oil the rijilit 
are five fdi-iiiei- St. 
/ Jlii-liaers College 
School StndeDts wlio 
are among the Basili- 
ans being ordained 
Aug, 1.'). Top Row, L. 
to R— Rev. Thos. Me- 
Gillis from CcH'iiwall. 
O 1) t. ; Rev. Joseph 
O'Reilly from Our Lady 
of Sorrows Parisli and 
Rev. Jolm Crowley from Windsor. 

Btittoni Row — Rev. Lawrence Moran from Oriliia. 
Ontario, and Rev. Oswald Kennedy from the Ottawa 
River Valley Pistrict. 

Othei-s being ordained this nmnth in the Basilian 
Order tire Reverend :Matthew Mulcahy of Oriliia; 
Reverend Cleorge Silvester, f(n-niprly of Toronto and 
Jiow of Timmins; Rev. Arthur Looby from Dublin. 
Ontario, and Reverend John ('oinvay from St. IMon- 
iea's Parisli in Toi-onto. 

All Old Boys ^vill note Avitii warm approval the 
maintenanee of tlic high Basilian standard in 

.dTii^i^ t 

FATHER McLaughlin to rome,- other basilian changes 

All St. Michael's Old Boys, par- 
ticularly those who left the col- 
lege confines during the jiast six 
years, are highly elated o\er the 
recent announcement that the 
superioi-.. Rev. Terence I'. Mc- 
Laughlin, C.S.B., has been honor- 
ed by an appointment to Rome as 
representative of the Basilian 
Fathers at the Holy See. 

After six long and tiring years, 
made more tiring b.v many war- 
created difficulties that didn't 
cease with post-war activities., 
Father ^IcLanghlin relinquishes 
liis present appointment on Sept. 
2nd and after a much needed rest 
will proceed to take up his new 
appointment in Rome. 


It has also'been announced that 
Fatlier ^IcLaughlin will be suc- 
ceeded by Rev. Louis J. Bondy, 
C.S.B.. as superior. A former su- 
])erior of St. Basil's Seminary 
when Father ilcLanghlin himself 
was a seminarian. Father Bondy 
was professor of French at the 
College xmtil this recent ajipoint- 

Rev, H, B. Regan.. C,S,B.. has 
been appointed superior and prin- 
cipal of the High School and Rev. 
L. K. Shook. C.S.B,. becomes 
rouncillor. Just recently discharg- 
ed from the R,C,A,F. chaplain 
.^erviee, Rev. V. A. Thompson. 
C.S.B.. has been apjioiiiTrd trea- 

Many "old-timers" around St. 
Micliael's were given new ai^point- 
ments. Rev. N. J. Ruth, C.S.B.,, 
was given a year's i>ave of absence 
to pursue graduate studies and 
Rev. E. L. Rush, C.S.B., leaves to 
become superior of Holy Rosary 
Seminary. Rev. J. A. Warreil, 
C.S.B.. goes to Assumption and 
Rev. T. A. MacDonald, C.S.B., 
was appointed pastor of IIolv 
Rosary Church. Rev. P. J. M. 
Swan.. C.S.B., also goes to Assump- 

^ Rev, Ernest J, La.ieunesse, 
C.S.B., was appointed superior of 
St. Basil's Seminary, succeeding 
Rev. J. 11. O'Loane, C.S.B., who 
becomes superior of Assumption 


PaE-e 2 

Efje plue panuer 

Published bi-monthly by the St. 
Michael's College School Old Boys' 
Association as an informative service 
for all members. 

Editor ----- Bill Miller 

Associates - - - Adrian Egan 

Frank Healv 

Bill Doyle 

Consulting Editor - Frank Ayerst 

Joe Crysdale Reminisces 

On Early Days on Bay Street 



A bi<!: .juini) ill iiR'iiibersliii) is 
anticipated by October, ^vheii all 
tlic' renewals of membersliip will 
be in. pins the restUts of a drive 
for new members. Committee 
has been working quietly and 
effectively thronghout the sum- 
mer on plans for a far rpaching 
ipi. Ill for new members. 


Look for an iijiset in the annual 
Old Boys' — Senior football go 
this year. Provided the game can 
be worked into the schedule ; the 
Seniors fignre to be better con- 
ditioned and better organized with 
the new competition while the Old 
Boys will lack several of last 
year's [iprformers. 


Iliuiiirary Old Boy Gilbeii La- 
bine has been awarded the O.B.E. 
in the i-ec<'ntly announced King's 
liii-thilay honor list. 


Marriages lately include. 
Johnny AValsh and Isobel C'onlin 
in Toronto ; John Griffin, the 
O.B.A. Vice-President and Cath-' 
erine .McCJinnis in Jersey City. 
Frank Bennett and Estelle Berg- 
eron in Shawinigan Falls, and 
C4eorge Ooild and Irene Perry in 

Seen in Town 

Bay Picard. who played a lot 
of football at end for St. :\Iike's, 
is now with the Financial Post 


And a sign "f the times is the 
statement by somebody or other 
iu the States that the chemical 
value of the human body, once 
set at 67c is ih)w Fixed at 98c. Ted 
O'lFearn and Paul Murphy now 
on the exchange are considi'iinu' 
sellioL' it short. 


Chasing. Joe Crysdale for an 
interview is like chasing a bobby- 
soxer on danee-nite at the Y. 
Joe's lean and wiry frame dis- 
appears from view like a wi-aitli 
when you attempt to catch it. 
liiit six feet of unaffected person- 
ality isn't a common thing., and 
it leads you right to Joe. of the 
wavy hair. Probably the most 
intrigiiiug question yoit can ask 
Joe is. "where did your secretary 
get that sepia tan ?" However 
the master himself proved too 
interesting for such detours and 
readily allowed us to grill him. 

Joe left St. I\Iike's the year be- 
fore what is usually referred to 
as 'the big team' came; the opin- 
ion is divided as to whether St. 
Mike's were attempting to fill the 
gap left by Joe. 

Actually his own memory is a 
trifle tlai'k on the subject, a fact 
motivatetl by a resounding thud 
on the cranium administered by 
the late Father McGahey. What 
(lid he remember most about St. 
.Mike's? Tiny Wadsworth, of 
roiiisr. Tliat's why they built 
the ]ilace. Other names still ring- 
ing familiar notes in Joe's ears 
are Cooney, Lorenzet-ti, Fatlier 
Anglin. Father Warren, Father 
Foirestal,, Breen. O'Leary. and, 
of course ^Marks and Connolly, to 
which duo Joe refers as "beauti- 
ful." iu the apivroved sports-an- 
nouncer style. 

Jo-Jo (1 can do that now) start- 
ed the bac(ui and bean routine iu 
a large Hamilton department 
store, which by the way, has a 
minor branch on College Street 
between ISay and Yonge. But. 
Joe with that patriotism char- 
acteristic of small town graduates, 
still .shows that he is a Toronto 
boy. After entering a contest on 
CKOC he was retained by that 
station on a three month tentative 
basis. Perhaps you haven't not- 
iced, but he's still in radio, his 

first love. Real enthusiasm, a 
simple., direct vocabulary, ami a 
pleasing voice have put Joe \nto 
the top bracket of Canadian aSA- 
nomicers. Installed as Director- 
of special events, and as director 
of Spoi-ts at CKEY, until ill- 
health forced him out of the forni- 
I r. he is thoroughly jileased with 
his present and pleasant surround- 

Joe Crysdale 

"Uadio." says Joe. "has convin- 
ced me that you can do anything. 
Why. 1 was handed a mike in front 
of a theatre once and told to talk 
bout a picture I had never seen." 
The result .' Kudos from the boss. 
.\nd the same thing hapjiened in 
the case (»f the baseball broadcasts. 
What makes Joe a favourite with 
the kids, is that he can talk to 
tlieni in their language, and still 
command resjiect. His favorite 
subject is still sport.s.. however, 
and his patron saint is Herb May. 

AVe left long Jo-Jo on his way 
to Collingwood with a brand new 
gun under his arm. but he didn't 
manage to look the least bit men- 
acing, lie wfuild like to know, 
tlio. what he's supposed to do 
with all the black crepe he re- 
ceived in April. 



Saint Mike's Footballers 

Finally Find a League 

Games at OaJcwood on Friday Night 
to be Broadcast 

'^^ ^ YW WINDY 

As 1 entered the equipment dim- 

('eon, deep in the bowels of the 
chool. I perceived Rev. Father 
Vd Flanagan, with his back to 
me. busily polishing a blood be- 
Miiirched lielmet that even the 
t-en coats of bine paint failed to 
cover, and I thought I heard him 
\vhis]ier almost inandibly. 

"Tliere'Il be new blood here, 
after this year.'" 

I wiped a few rows of pei's]-)ii-- 
ation dots from my forehead, gul- 
ped twice and uttered a polite 

"A h. its 
O'Xeill,, i s n ' i 
it .'" exclaimed 
Father Ted as 
he turned and 
cast a forlorn 
Lilance at the 
ilome through 
'vbich he had to 
pound e a c h 
point of Anci- 
ent History. 

"Yes. Fath- 
er," I replied 
reverently, "the 
paper sent me 
down to get 
some informa- 
tion on next 
year's .slaught 
... I mean foot- 
ball team." 

'■Ah, y e s," 
said the i'e\'er- 
e n d Father, 
with a fearful 
gleam in his 
eyes. '" there'll 
be a great deal 
n f smashing 
this fall." 
As h e said 

„ _, this, h e gave 

Fr. Flanagan ^,^^ i,^,,^,^- •„ 

his hands a slight tap. which com- 
]iletely stove it in ami your re- 
porter ran for the farthest corner 
of the room where he commenced 


to copy the gory tletails after 
managing to steady down his writ- 
iu' hand. 

The deeds of former St. Mich- 
ael's football teams are legend in 
the annals of Canadian sport. The 
older grads will remember some 
of the old teams from the school 
that won so rei>etitiously and 
i-ubbed it in \vith such big scores. 
A curious asjDeet of tbis is thai 
most of the former greats entered 
the priesthood, many becoming 
Basilians, One needs only to men- 
tion Father.s — Sham O'iJi'ien,. De- 
lisle, Vi IMcIntyre ; there ai-e a 
liost of others as great and great- 
er, far too niimerotts. to recount 
here. This aforementioned habit 
of winning, after a few seasons, 
caused the opposing teams to dis- 
i);tnd each league and reform,, leav- 
ing out the double blue,, thus i-e- 
legating the school to the embar- 
rassing position of having to go 
begging exhibition games from 
anybody and everybody. But now 
it looks as thcnigh the Boosci' 
Brown boys ai'e set again (for a 
couple of seasons anyway.) 

The .Junior O.R.F.U. oi- popular- 
ly to be called the Little Big Four, 
was formed by the Torcuito Argo- 
nauts and the Hamilton Tigers 
with the pitrpfese of prxrylding a' 
farm for future senior players. St." 
Mike's were approached to enter a 
team and of course they readily 
assented, for this was the answi-r 
lo all their' troubles. The fourth 
team of the loop will be from 
Oshawa. under the guidance of 
I\loe Clmrney of the Genoslni., a 
foi-mer great Argo linesman. Ross 
Trimble is president of the league. 
Earl Selkirk, vice-jiresident. and 
our own Father Boland,, secretar\- 
of the shekels. The teams will 
]il;iy home-and-home games, which 
anionuts to six games plus the 
playoffs. The St. ^lichael's games 
will be played under the new 
lights at Oakwood Stadium on 
Fi'ida.v lughts with arrangements 
being made lo broadcast them and 

to jn'ovide first-rate hospitaliza- 
tion, cheap. The age limit is un- 
der twenty so that the school team 
will be composed from the best of 
last year's starrj' aggregation. 

"Our'u boys" will sport a fast 
backfield in Fleming Maekell, 
Grossi,. Robertson, O'Hearn and a 
few Irish .spalpeens from the^ 
iusky clan. The line will average 
about 180 pottnds and will featiu'c 
Barney ilcKeever, Bob ilcLellan, 
Gentleman .Joe Decourcy, Roy 
Ettles and some lads froni the 
spaghetti belt. The league starts 
in mid-September so that it won't 
be long till the boys are going 
through their paces. There will 
be no western trip this year,, but 
there will be an exhibition game 
with Assumption College to av- 
' nge the 21 to shellacking at 
their hands last year. 

"It's a pleasure to go to the 
phime and have some other fellow 
ask for an exhibition gann> afte*. 
it had been the other wa^- for so 
many years." Then Father's eyes 
again became agleam. 

■'Oh, for an Eddy Shnba. a 
George Dodd. or a Wild Bill 
Klersy — remember him ? Could he 
smash "em 1 I remember one day 
at Pickering, he broke his nose in 
the first quarter., went out, had it 
set and returned for the last half. 
Even if we don't uncover some 
like them, their spirit will be 

After wliicli. he tore one leg ntl' 
-Joe, the tackling dummy, in mean- 
iugfid fashion. 



Father Warren, assistant Prin- 
cipal at the school last year and 
< >.B. Coiuicillor, who departs this 
year for Assumption College. 


Page 4 

Joe Is Having Defence Worries 

About the Coming Season ™^^^ 

Kelly Back — Dunn Strong Contender 


Vmir reporter, searehiug out 
some information on the summer 
state of next year's Majors, visited 
tJie premises of the Joe Primeau 
Block Company and found the 
president at a paper-loaded desk. 
"Hello. Windy," was his greeting, 
'■ looking for a job ? You're a grad 
of St. Mike's, j-ou should have a 
good head for this business." 

■'Yeali. I guess you're right," I 
replied, "all the teachers at St. 
MichaeFs said I was a big block- 

Mj'. I'rimeau shot me a reassm'- 
ing glance and said. "I guess j'ou 
want to know something about 
next year's team., eh? "Well, I was 
just figuring it out," said he, 
pointing to the sheaf of papers on 
his desk. Joe, with a perplexed 
look on his face, proceeded to un- 
fold his troubles. 

It seems that Teddy McLean 
and Pat Powers are over age, be- 
sides studying so hard, that they 
passed out, leaving only poor, 
little Red Kelly to stand alone on 
the blue line. The only bright 
light to the situation is that 
there is a boy named Dunn, 
that played very well with the 
Buzzers last year and may develop 
into a good "A" player. The said 
Dunn is only 17,, but weighs 16") 
and if he lays off the stogies this 
siiniiiier should add to that, con- 
siderably. This boy, like Sandford 
and Harrison, is one of those rug- 
ged .Miniieo lacrosse players with 
the wrinkles in their forelieads 
whii-h might well be eoi\fused with 
scars. lie possesses a good shot 
and is a better than average stick 

The list of forwards remaining., 
v.duid gladden tlie lieart of ;mv 

junior hockey coach; that is, un- 
less C for C'onny decides to 
strengthen some of his farm teams 
ill the Ozarks. Mackell, Bob Paul, 
Costello, Sandford. Harrison and 
Wiiislow are an array with class 
and experience. Bob DeCourcy 
will be in the twines and on his 
previous performances should not 
leave anything wanting. I don't 
see what Joe is worrying about — 
we'll be in there again, next vear, 

liesiiles the aforementioned, 
there are always hard rock 
miners that drift down from the 
norths for some '• booklaritiu' " 
and probabl,y some grain farmers 
from the rugged west, too. The 
graduates will be well spread out. 
Boehmer is going to Pittsburgh, 
Sloan to Tulsa, ilcLeau to Uni- 
versity, Powers will have a try 
with Boston and our boys Blute 
and iliKay will play senior 
"Shamature hockey." It is not 
decided., where the dominion fin- 
als will be held yet. but my guess 
is till- west. 



Kev. N. J. Kutli, well known to 
every Old Boy of the School who 
has been given leave of absence 
to pursue graduate studies, put 
the .Junior "A" (jn \ oui- cu7-ricu- 
Inin. Father 1 



















■ 'i ■ -'.' ■